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Weight Loss Success

Dec 29, 2021

Tune in this week as I share seven steps to making your New Year’s resolutions inevitable. I’m showing you what to avoid when setting your resolutions, how to address the common obstacles that might come up, and some valuable data points to keep track of to help you along the way.


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Dec 22, 2021

Join me as I re-share gems from episodes 56 to 70 of the podcast. We’re looking at everything from the power of focusing your mind on the present moment and how you can use comparison either for your benefit or detriment to identifying where transitions in your day might be trouble spots for you.


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Dec 15, 2021

I’m showing you why our brains are always prepared to present us with a giant folder of evidence of all the ways we suck, and how to instead build up a portfolio of success evidence that you can draw on as a reminder of how amazing you are.


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Dec 8, 2021

This week, I explore some more critical nuggets of wisdom that will help you on your weight loss journey. As always, I’m leaving you with some questions to ponder and answer for yourself because taking action here is a vital component that will help you reach your weight and health goals.


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Dec 1, 2021

Make your future self’s life simpler and easier, and her success inevitable with this week's episode. I offer some small gifts you could hook your future self up with right now. I’m sharing some of the ways I do this in my own life, and some questions to consider as you let yourself be guided by creativity and love...