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Weight Loss Success

Feb 23, 2022

I recently finished listening to Naomi Wolf’s book, The Beauty Myth, and this week, I’m sharing some of the most impactful quotes and concepts from it. This book has invited me to shift the way I see myself and other women, and I’m extending this invitation to you too.


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Feb 16, 2022

What are your perceived “problems” that come along with being fully you? Who decided that was wrong? Join me this week as I share why I now truly believe being full-on me is an incredible superpower, and invite you to embrace your full authenticity too.


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Feb 9, 2022

This week, I’m taking you along on a journey of my evolving philosophy to show you there’s always a path forward, even if you feel stuck right now. I'm showing you why the philosophies you live by will always continue to evolve, and what my experience has looked like. 


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Feb 2, 2022

Listen in this week to discover what trust is and isn’t, and the power of thinking about trust as a choice that is always in your hands. I know trusting yourself is often easier said than done, so I’m giving you three principles you can apply when trusting yourself feels challenging.


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